Sunday, July 29, 2012

2nd Birthday Party

When I say we got lucky on Grayson's bday...we got LUCKY.

Out here in the midwest we've had unbelievably hot weather. Dan and I were prepared to have an indoor bday party with small bursts of outdoor play for the little ones.
As the week drew closer, the weather was looking promising. Two storms during the week ended up cooling our weekend off and the weather only got up to 86. 86!!

It was beautiful out. We really couldn't believe our luck.

Grayson had a ton of fun with all his little friends  - and we were so thankful everyone came out and made time to wish/sing a happy birthday to him.

We had a pretty eventful week/weekend and are looking to finally relax and watch some Olympics tonight.

Grayson has his 2 year well baby check-up Wednesday morning - so I'll update with all the official stats then.

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  1. your yard is HUGE! We would never have a yard out in cali like that. Amazing. I am so glad G had a great birthday <3