Friday, July 20, 2012

24 Weeks

  • How far along?  24 weeks
    • Total weight gain:  9lbs
    • Maternity clothes? Just tops still. I tried my skinny jeans on and they still fit..I would do the elastic band trick at this point with them since they'd be uncomfortable when bending over...and eating. Ha!
    • Stretch marks? none yet
    • Sleep:  Still pretty good. There was only one night this week where the night time movement bothered me
    • Best moment this week: Completing the nursery paint! We did end up having to do the 4th coat of paint on the bottom, but it was sooo worth it. A total of 6 coats of paint (and yes, I did help with at least half of it) and we are DONE.
    • Miss Anything? Not really
    • Movement: Lots of kicks!
    • Food cravings: None.
    • Food aversions: nothing really
    • Gender: Girl:)
    • Labor Signs: Still have some braxton hicks here and there
    • Symptoms: Back pain, leaking boobs
    • Belly Button in or out? Out.
    • Wedding rings on or off? On.
    • Looking forward to: Picking up the nursery furniture tonight! I'm so excited to see the furniture all set up.
    • More looking forward to: getting rid of the piano that's in our formal living room and extending the "playroom". We should be having someone move the piano back to my in-laws house within the next couple of weeks. Hopefully sooner then later. We aren't sure about  thefurniture (which will be minimal anyway) that will go in there, but we are so happy to finally get it done! It feels like wasted space right now since we hardly use it...and as G has more playdates, I've realized how nice it would be to sit in the same room as he plays...comfortably!

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