Sunday, May 22, 2011

Solo again

So it's just Grayson and I this week. We found out this past Thursday, that Dan was being summoned back to Erie.  By travelling, Dan is opening up new opportunities in a job that he enjoys, but he remains apprehensive about spending too much time away from the family during the weekdays.  He is getting positive feedback from his boss, and they are working together to make sure that he can happily coordinate his work and family life.

This definitely makes for an interesting weekend/week. Since we had a couple days notice, we had to finagle some of our plans for the week..Dan is hoping to be back Wednesday evening, but there's a possibility he won't be leaving PA until Thursday morning. We leave for CT Thursday evening. For his sake, it would be best if he was able to get back to Cincy Wed evening, and then get back in the car Thursday evening for the drive back to CT.

I already packed G's clothes away, and have put most of the clothes I'll be wearing off to the side. I have ZERO time during the week to get this done, and I don't want to bank on any time at night after Grayson is sleeping because you never know with him! He could be up all night with an Ear Infection...and thank GOD for my wonderful boss who suggested I take G back to the doc for his post Ear Infection checkout BEFORE my trip to CT. Traveling with a sick kid is not something I want to do again.

We did NOT end up going to the Zoo for various reasons. But hope to go after we get back from our Memorial Day weekend trip. We did end up having dinner with some good friends and Grayson's Biff, Zach. I have a picture that I'd post here, but my phone seems to take an hour to send a pic to my email. Not impressed.

Hopefully I have a couple minutes to update during the week with some pictures I took over the weekend. *Fingers Crossed* that G's Ear Infection is officially gone...

Oh, and a HELL YEA for my awesome girlfriend who underwent major surgery this weekend. We are SO SO proud of her, and so happy she is already well on her way to recovery.

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