Sunday, May 1, 2011

9 Months

9 months. 


There was a small tragedy that happened when I tried to stick the 9 month sticker on Grayson yesterday morning. It was immediately torn off and ripped apart. Thanks buddy!

Sadly, we don't have the 9 month onesie picture. Next month, the sticker is going on something else NEAR G, and hopefully, the sticker will survive.

So here's what G's been up to:

Weight: 20lbs exactly: 45th percentile
Height: 29 1/4 inches: 90th percentile
Still got my long baby!

*starting to cruise on furniture - mostly the couches. Obviously he's brilliant and knows that the couches are softer and easier to cruise. 
*Dances at his Fischer Price activity table. So funny. When the music starts playing, he starts bopping up and down. Adorbs. 
*We've moved him up to size 4 diapers at night to prevent any leakage.

*His eating has recently changed a bit. Grayson has decided that it takes way too much effort to drink out of a bottle. He would rather look around, play, eat regular food, ect. The only way he'll drink any formula, is if you bring him into a room by himself and feed him- and god forbid anyone speaks to you while your feeding him, it's done. (just imagine him at daycare with other babies around...)

We spoke with the pediatrician, and since Grayson's growth is perfectly on track, we were told not to worry about the low amount of formula he is taking in. Instead, we're going to introduce a third meal to help put a little more weight on him. (I was hesitant of this since adding more food might mean even less formula) It's not that he's that small...but he's shooting up like a beanstalk (get it heather and holly) and his pants are too short, but loose around his waist. 

*Climbs stairs (supervised)
*We believe he's starting to get yet another tooth. Somewhere up top and towards the back. He keeps shoving his thumb to the side of his mouth, and his drool has been ridiculous. Just today, I went through three shirts.
*Says "Ma ma ma ma", "Da da da da da" "Heda" (yep, heather got him to say her name!) 
*Likes being chased, or chasing after you..we have so much fun with this. We always get big smiles and happy screams.
*still LOVES playing peek-a-boo
*sleeps on his stomach

I think that's it for the updates. 

This weekend, Saturday happened to be really nice out.  It's been raining almost everyday for the past month, and any excuse to get outside was A-OK to us. We were supposed to go on a hike, but our errands ended up taking a lot longer then expected to get done. So we improvised and took G outside in the yard for a bit. 

I'm thankful we had such a nice day out Saturday, but today the clouds came back...Here's hoping to some sunshine this week!

A couple pics from our weekend:


Hanging at Dunkin Donuts 

Wow Grayson, your so clean..

Ahh, fresh air!

"oh please let the Mets win tonight, my daddy will be so happy"

"What is that green stuff?!!"

"O, I'm just helping dad put together my cage gate."

"Wait a minute, where did everyone go?!"

I'm sure this is said every month, but, where did the time go? Am I seriously planning my child's first birthday party? I can't believe it. 

Both Dan and I are absolutely LOVING this stage of life with Grayson, he is soo much fun. He is aware of so many things around him, and we're really excited to get outside with him and enjoy all the outdoors have to offer. Umm, mother nature, do you hear that?

This month, we're hoping to get to the Cincinnati Zoo to see the Zoo babies. We don't want to wait until the dead of summer when it's 100 degrees out. No way. Plus, if G is anything like his dad, which I assume he is...he'll just melt. 

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