Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Four Month Baby

4 months old and smiling up a storm!

Umm, Helloooo - where did these 4 months go? I cannot believe that my little {monster} baby is already 4 months old. Before I forget, I'm gonna list the things he can do (or can't since there are a bunch of those too)

Weight: 14lbs 12oz -55th percentile
Length: 25 3/4 inches - 85th percentile

Hair color - looks to be a really light brown or dirty blonde possibly.
Eye color-still undecided. I think they're gonna be brown

*Found his feet shortly after his 3month bday
*Sleep is pretty good, we have weeks where he'll wake up a couple times to eat - but he diligently goes right back to sleep afterwards.

*He wears 3-6 month clothes in almost everything.
*He still wears a size 2 diaper
*He loves his jumperoo
*He's started to sit up in his rock and play bassinet and baby Swing. This is really bittersweet to me.

*He grabs at toys...and now puts them in his mouth
*He loves grabbing Dan's face. Facial hair = happy baby
*Drools, drools, drools
*Loves to stand
*We've heard him laugh!
*Just this week he's started to spit for fun. Kind of like blowing bubbles, except spit

Still doesn't:
Like Tummy Time
Roll Over

This month we've:
Gone out to dinner as a family
Had Thanksgiving Dinner
Had the Annual Friendsgiving Dinner
Sat on Santa's Lap
Decorated the Christmas Tree

More pics below

Lookie - Grayson can grab his feet AND his toy at the same time..so talented

Listen Mammarazzi, you take one more picture and I'll really spit up all over my playmat.

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