Wednesday, November 17, 2010

So, I have a St. Bernard for a child.

Oh look, it's Grayson. I mean, really. The child is a drooling mess with his FIST shoved in his mouth. Or any other "thing" that is in grabbing distance that can be shoved in the mouth.

We had a 4 month photo session for Grayson (done early so we could get some Christmas Card pics) and it went..well, let's just say that we went through two burp clothes of drool and spit up while we were there. He refused to remove his little fist from his mouth. And if you did get him to remove the fist, he would just try to use the blanket he was sitting on as knawing material.

(See picture below - that is a small not even close to example of what he was doing today, today he had is fist IN his mouth)

Now, Grayson is a drooler anyways. But on top of that - he's had some days where I think he forgets he can swallow. that bad. I saw it coming yesterday. If I had my hand even close to his mouth, he'd chomp down. Poor little dude.

Needless to say, he was pretty much a drooly mess, with his fist in his mouth who refused to smile. I think the photog may have gotten a couple smirks. BOYS.

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