Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Some Happenings

Dear Holly - I'm making a special trip to the grocery story for this box of goodness. For you. Sisterly love right there.

So, in a couple days my two sisters will be making the 12hour trek out to Ohio. The excitement is contagious. Look below to see how excited Grayson looks.... I kid. In preparation for the visit, we've done nothing. Oh wait, we'll be stocking up on some of the aforementioned Reese's cereal {snack, dessert}

In other news -Grayson still hasn't learned how to roll himself over. little poop. I try to "show" him {stop laughing} and he just looks at me like "ma, just lemme chill out here on my back, k?" He ACTUALLY said that to me! Ha. no, he didn't. But I saw it in his eyes. Those huge, buggy, deer-in-headlights eyes told me that he was just not ready to be a roller. So, I just put him in his jumpy and let him jump away. At least he likes THAT!

Below here is Dan dressing Grayson. Mind you, it was a mere 45 degrees out this day. Clearly a short sleeved onesie is in order for such days?? I mean, I guess if we weren't leaving the house, this would've been appropriate attire.

Backing up: I ignore non matching clothes when it comes to Dan, he's color blind and I can't always be there when he dresses himself OR our child - so clothes that don't match are going to be common in our household. Just the other day I caught Dan wearing ( kid you not)Dark Brown Pants, Black Polo T-shirt over a Gray Long Sleeve Shirt. When I mentioned this catastrophe to him...his answer? "What, these pants are green".....Yea, that's what I deal with.

Playing in his Jumpy! This is one of his favorites. Except Jumping baby + Acid Reflux Baby = very messy jumperoo. He pretty much spits up {pukes up} every time in the jumpy. I thank Fischer Price for making everything they make so washable friendly.
Just some happenings to update you with. I'll try to post more pictures for those without FB {insert Rachael Chiulli} Happy Getting Ready for turkey day!

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