Sunday, October 31, 2010

The 3rd Month..and Halloween

3 months!

...and Grayson's feeling a little under the weather. We're not sure if it's the on-going cold he's had, or his teeth moving around his gums...but unfortunately, he is NOT in the mood to go trick-or-treating today. SO SAD! Except, knowing that he wasn't feeling up to par, we put him in his Halloween costume yesterday while we ran our errands just in case he wasn't able to today! So, he got to wear his halloween outfit out!!

This week we did Pumpkin carving:

Ran our Errands with our Halloween Costume on:

Changed into our "Glow in the Dark" Skeleton outfit for The NASCAR Halloween Party (which he slept thru)

Played with Mom! (soooo..I'm thinking he looks a little more like me now! ha)

Some 3 month updates:

*drools like a St. Bernard. Seriously. We go through two bibs a day. Enough said.
*Has NOT mastered rolling over yet.
*Wears a size 2 Diaper
*Eats 6oz every 3-4 hrs (basically 25-30oz a day)
*Sleeps thru the night (yey!)
*Sleeps in his crib now - we kept him in his bassinet up until last weekend - he transitioned WONDERFULLY!
*He Loathes tummy time. grr. We still make him do it every day.
*He doesn't kick as much when we lay him on his back - he's busy exploring the toys above his head
*He LOVES sitting upright. LOVES it.
*Still eats his fist and will eventually end up with a thumb in there. Sooo not happy about this. We try giving him everything else to suck on: Pacifier, his Sofie Giraffe, teething rings. He'll take something else happily, but once it falls out - in goes the hand.
*He Weighs 13lbs 8oz as of last Monday
*He loves being read to

That's all I can think of right now.

Hope everyone has a great Halloween and Awesome first week of NOVEMBER!!!

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