Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Rehearsal in tears

The rehearsal dinner - notice the playbills!
Christina, Elizabeth, Laura, Moi, and Meghan (this was right before we actually got to the rehearsal dinner venue)

Laura and John's wedding gets two blog posts. The first:
The Rehearsal:

This rehearsal dinner was unlike any other I have been to - not because it was set up like a mini wedding, which it was, and not because it had excellent food, great service, and some really, really great dessert. No, nothing material made this night what it was..

It was the speeches.

All four parents and both bride and groom brought the room to tears multiple times during the night. And not just the type of tears that sneak out as your fanning your face-these tears left us half sobbing, begging for tissues because the snot coming down our face was just downright embarrassing. The amount of support and love from the families of each was so moving - and a true testament to what getting married is all about.

Sometimes in the process of getting married and planning a wedding, you forget the "true" meaning of marriage and why your even getting married in the first place. Some want the "perfect" or "most fun" wedding - and you wonder if they realize they're getting MARRIED...I actually remember having to think this to myself a couple times during my own wedding process - that planning the wedding is secondary, the actual act of getting married is the important part.

What was soo refreshing about this rehearsal, was that it was completely focused on the actual act of getting married and becoming a husband and wife. Both families joining to create an even bigger extended family. The bride and groom each in their own speeches thanked every person in their family, and wedding party - and the groom ended with an unbelievable slide show for his bride - that only left us more teary eyed.

Thank you L&J for helping us all remember what a wedding is supposed to be about. A truly, memorable evening.

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