Wednesday, June 30, 2010

35/35 = 35 weeks and 35 days left!

35 days sounds so much shorter then 5 weeks. Pretty much whenever I think this pregnancy thing is taking forever (which it is:) I think to myself "I only have 35 DAYS left".

Dan and I are finally home for good now until the baby arrives. No more trips to CT, or anywhere else for that matter! We are most definitely looking forward to these next couple of weekends at home with our friends - I see some bbq's in our near future....

This weekend should be pretty fun, with it being Fourth o July! Laura and John are coming home from their honeymoon friday, and Dan and I are hosting the holiday festivities at our house on Sunday. The weather looks like it's going to be pretty awesome the whole weekend, so lots of fun in the sun.

Actually - the best part of the weekend is that I get to see Grayson's BFF ZACH! Ok, So people tell me that boys don't have BFF's but WHATEV. He does. His name is Zach, and he is so super cute you just want to eat him up.
Zach's mommy is Christina (shown in pics below - she is one of MY BFF's here in Ohio) and so our little guys who are going to be about 6 months apart...are BFF's..:P

Now for the QUIZ

How far along: 35 Weeks
Weight Gain: prob another 1lb or 2. I go to the doc's next week for weigh in.
Maternity Clothes: I wear a lot of sundresses ALL THE TIME
Stretch Marks: NADA
Movement: yep, he's still moving a lot
Food Cravings:Orange Popsicles still and Ice Chips. I think I now prefer Ice Chips over Orange Popsicles.
What I miss: I miss not wondering whether my ankles are going to swell up ridiculously. I have the best husband ever, who gives me foot massages when he sees how bad they are - I don't even ask him.
What I'm looking forward to: Work shower is tomorrow! and the nice long weekend with friends
Gender: BOY
Belly Button: OUT
Emotions: Excited and Ready

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