Wednesday, June 23, 2010

34 weeks - 8 Months!

34 weeks - 8 months!!
Wow - I have "hopefully" less then 6 weeks to go.

Here's for the Weekly Quiz!

How far along
: 34 Weeks
Weight Gain: Gained another 2lbs - up a total of 18
Maternity Clothes: I wear a lot of sundresses right now. I still could put a couple of my pre-preg pants on , but haven't actually worn jeans in a while now. I'm definitely growing OUT a lot!
Stretch Marks: Still none yet - they are supposedly hereditary and my mom never got's hoping to some good genes! (I'm not holding out, though)
Movement: Tons. At the doctor's today he kept kicking the Heartbeat monitor.
Food Cravings:Orange Popsicles still and ICE CHIPS. OMG. my teeth are probably going to break because of this
What I miss: honestly, sleeping. It's sooo hit or miss. I can get a decent night's sleep sometimes, but others (like last night) I'm up watching lifetime movies until 3 in the morning hoping that it will help Gray calm down a bit.
What I'm looking forward to: just getting the rest of Gray's things ready for him. We are pretty prepared at this point, but there are still small things that we are purchasing and organizing as we go along.
Gender: BOY
Belly Button: OUT
Emotions: Excited and NOW starting to get impatient. We both feel that we are pretty much ready for him and we're just waiting....

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