Friday, August 3, 2012

26 Weeks

  • How far along?  26 Weeks. I guess I *officially* popped this week. I had 3 people comment that I'm finally looking really pregnant.while last week at gymnastics TWO people were shocked to hear that I was expecting. To me, I feel wayy big.

    • Total weight gain:  11 lbs (official doc appt. weigh in today!)
    • Maternity clothes? Just tops still. I rotate a lot of dresses and skirts. On my days off (wednesday and friday) I wear toddler friendly outfits of tank tops and stretchy shorts.
    • Stretch marks? none yet
    • Sleep: Still pretty good..
    • Best moment this week: hearing baby's heartbeat this morning!
    • Miss Anything? Not really - I'm actually really excited to be giving birth before the holidays roll around- I'm pretty sure a glass of wine around Thanksgiving is going to be perfect!
    • Movement: Lots of kicks and rolls
    • Food cravings: None.
    • Food aversions: nothing really
    • Gender: Girl:)
    • Labor Signs: Still have some braxton hicks here and there.
    • Symptoms: The back pain is getting worse every week. I'm physically getting more tired as the weeks go on. Leaking boobs.
    • Belly Button in or out? Out.
    • Wedding rings on or off? On.
    • Looking forward to: hopefully a low-key weekend - last weekend was SUPER busy and I think that the Bouchard family is looking to relax a bit. Grayson has not been napping very well for me, so Dan is going to send me on my way during nap time to see if these napping issues are momma related. Last week when Dan was on business, G didn't nap for me once...but when Dan watched him while I attended a wedding shower Sunday, that little stinker took a 3 hour nap! This past Wednesday and Friday the same thing happened - he refused to nap for me. Dan is convinced Grayson is "playing me" we'll see if he goes down for a nap tomorrow. I have to specifically leave the house BEFORE naptime so Grayson knows I'm not there. 
    • Feelings- Getting a little emotional. We're starting to think this may be our last little I'm really trying take in everything about this pregnancy and enjoy it. Obviously we aren't making any solid decisions here, but I know that we'd be completely OK at this point having our little boy and girl. I grew up in a big family, which I love, but also know that I want to be able to travel easily, which I know is much harder with more kiddos. 


    1. How did nap time go with you gone?

      You look great :)

      1. Thanks!
        Naptime went OK yesterday...Dan had to go up a couple times to read him a story, but he finally fell asleep.
        Today he refused to nap again. He had a fever tonight, though. So maybe something is bothering him? OY. I really don't want to be giving up naps yet!!