Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Strong Baby

So.......how was YOUR weekend? Because ours was kind of crazy.
First, I'll start with a cute pic.

and this is why I need a new camera...the pitfalls of a point and shoot.
just adorable, though

I'm going to try to do this quickly so that I have it written down (this is G's babybook)
and, let's be honest, we don't want to hear about a sick baby!

G's Feb sickness
Timeline (every 6 hrs he was given Ibprofen)
Thursday 3:00pm - We get a call from Daycare letting us know that G has a fever, so Dan goes to pick him up
Friday 6:30am - I take G's temp and it's still 100.3, not bad, but fussy enough for me to stay home with him.
Friday 10:00am - Take G's temp, 101
Friday 12:30pm - Take G's temp, 105 (have quick panic attack, call Dan, call pedi)
Pediatrician instructed us to come in, as opposed to rushing to ER
Friday 1:20pm - Get checked into docs, temp 104

While at the Pedi's, G was tested for the Flu, which came back negative. Since it was negative, the doctor's wanted to take blood and have it tested. Thank God Dan was there, because I had to walk out of the room when they were holding him down to draw the blood.

We waited about 15 minutes for the doctor to come back and tell us his white blood cell count was high - and that they were going to need to get a urine sample.
How do you get a urine sample from an infant? oh yes, you have to insert the catheter.

I stayed for that, while Dan held Grayson down a second time, with me crying through the whole thing.

We waited while the results for the urine came back - negative.
So, as a precaution, he was given a shot of antibiotics (yes, Dan had to hold him down a 3rd time) in case of infection.

We then scheduled an appointment the very next morning for follow-up.
We got home at around 5. G's temp, 105.
Between Friday 12:30pm and Saturday 3pm, G's temp got to 105, four times. It wasn't fun.

At the pediatrician's Saturday morning, they said he looked great. Since he only had a fever, and was very responsive there was no worry that he would recover easily. Those pediatricians are soo great, because you know what? He was perfectly fine by Sunday morning.

Way to give a Momma a heart attack.

A couple pics of his "sick time"

Momma, I don't feel good (this pic breaks my heart. ugh. he was soo hot the poor baby)

What a trooper!

So, enough yuck stuff.

Fun stuff?
Oh yea, our FIRST FAMILY VACAY to Gatliburg, TN!

We'll be staying in a cabin. LOVE.

We have a 3 mile hike planned if Grayson is feeling up to it. The Aquarium in downtown Gatlinburg, a drive up to a lookout, and shopping.
Now, if G isn't feeling up to any of this - we will have plenty to do at the cabin relaxing just the three of us.

This will be Dan's first vacation since we went to Disney with his brother and sister-in-law about a year and half ago. (we don't count trips to CT vacation - sorry!)I know that he is looking forward to it, a lot. Dan is really into hiking and all that fun "boy stuff", and is pretty pumped to introduce Grayson to all things wildlife.

I'm sure to have TONS of pictures to post when I get back!

and I'm patiently waiting for a package in the mail from Aunt Rachie, I think I might die opening it..really. I might. and I'm not going to tell you what it is, so you'll have to wait patiently too. Sucks doesn't it:P

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  1. oh my goodness, sick babies are NO fun. my 2 yr old is really sick right now, and i'm so worried that our 4 month old will get it. and just praying that i don't get it. mamas can't ever get sick, right?

    well, so excited for you to go on a family vacation!