Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Grayson, are you ready....

FOR THIS...........

I only hope there are moments such as "I'm not going to prom with you", "No, THIS is how you dance", "Step Bump, Step Bump Bump" and "I'm feeling a little LAAAZZY" happen this weekend.

I'm sure you're going to be supremely overwhelmed - and that's ok. It's part of being in the family. So, they're going to bring it. and bring it good this weekend.

Nothing. And I mean NOTHING makes me happier then being with my brother and sisters...and this weekend we're initiating you into this wonderful, happy, and crazy family. Uncle Al and Aunt Michelle will be there too - and they, no doubt have been part of the craziness ("I didn't ask you to prom") and will surely participate and enjoy in the festivities to come.

So hold onto your NUK, it's gonna be a long weekend:)

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