Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Boots with the fur

(this was Sunday...can you tell by the Sunday football wear)

So Grayson's Baptism weekend went great! I was a little sickly. Basically my nose was leaking and I had a lovely sore throat, but I managed to get through without most people knowing of my lovely sickness (other then rach...sorry rachie!!)

I get a little homesick whenever my family comes to visit - I always miss them so much and I'll get in a little funk when they leave...but this time I wasn't as sad when they left. I've come to realize that my friends are truly an extended family. It was so nice to turn around at Gray's Baptism and see everyone there. He has more "Aunts and Uncles" then he knows what to do with.

After last weekends crazyiness, this weekend - we got to run errands and relax with our Friends Fam.

A couple quick pics from the weekend:

First - Mommy and Grayson playing...

Then getting Gray ready to go out for the day

ohhhh and these? I actually think I went to every store (baby and not baby) to find some shoes for my child. Cute ones. Of course, the selection for little girls is ridiculous. I finally made it to BabyGap where I found these cuties. I finally got them ordered today!! I can't wait until I get them!! Btw, BabyGap is dangerous. Very Very Dangerous. (aka, Jess and Aunt Heder - feel free to continue sending Grayson cute clothes from there:P )
Hope everyone is having a super week!

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