Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Almost back to normal - 3 weeks

The 3 WEEK updated
....and my 3 week post partum check-up went great!
I am officially back to me pre-preg weight, and even though my body still is a little "off" from what it used to be, I'm not going to complain! The doc said that my uterus is still 3 months pregnant and it will take until week 6 for it to officially be shrunken down to it's normal size. Not bad!

Last week was my first official week by myself taking care of Grayson - and it went very well!
We have our little schedule of:
waking up, feeding, getting changed for the day, going downstairs to play with some toys (this is usually putting him on his playmat for a couple minutes, his swing for a bit, tummy time) , then rocking him to sleep for his first nap.

After Gray's first nap, I'll feed him - and then stick him in the carseat! This is when I get to go out for the day to run errands, and it's worked out pretty well. I usually get 2-3 hours of good behavior out of him this way. He really likes being in his carseat in the car, which is wonderful for me.

I can't wait for next week to get the "stats" on his growth. I've already had to remove his newborn clothing from his drawers because they don't fit:(

When we go to the docs next week, we're going to discuss little Grayson's episodes of vomiting. I have a feeling he may have a little Acid Reflux, which is quite common in newborns. He's a bit of a projectile vomiter - Aunt Heather got to experience this. LOL.

That's about it for now on the updates...

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