Tuesday, August 31, 2010

1 month old!


Grayson and Daddy have staring contests....

My BIG BOY is 1 month old!

Weight: 10lbs 1 0z (he's gained 2lbs in his first month!)
Length: 22 and 3/4 (he's grown 1 and 3/4inches)

I knew that he was growing a lot but didn't realize how much! Right now Grayson is eating roughly 4 oz every 3 hours (sometimes every 2 depending on his mood). He is VERY cranky if he doesn't get his food immediately.

I did talk to the doctor about his vomiting episodes and she didn't seem too concerned. Within the past couple of days the vomiting had decreased a lot anyways, so I think he's grown out of it. YEY!

The doctor also said he is very alert. We are actually pretty lucky at this point because we can put him down on the floor with a blanket and he'll just kick away for about a half hour before he gets bored. The same goes for his swing - he will stay awake in that thing just swinging away for hours.

Tummy Time - this has become quite fun for Dan and I.
Grayson is a kicker. The kid LOVES to kick. He's quite strong too - so he honestly would crawl if his upper body was strong enough. We have tons of video of him on his tummy kicking away, trying SO hard to move. He eventually starts to get frustrated and kind of cries/whines/wimpers until I pick him up. It's just funny that the only reason he freaks out is because he can't move himself.
I will try to upload video as soon as possible. Hopefully tonight If I can figure it out.

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  1. hey you two!! get your running shoes ready !!!
    WON'T BE LONG better you than me lol