Tuesday, August 17, 2010

2 weeks already!

So- It's been two weeks.

And since we got to visit our pediatrician twice in his first week, I won't have any official weight/length updates on Grayson until the end of the month. Even though, I MAY stand on the scale with him and get a guesstimate.
One of the biggest changes since I last updated is the amount of time Grayson stays awake for and HOW awake he is -When he's awake, his eyes are WIDE OPEN. Dan says that it looks like he inherited my long eye lashes - so maybe he does have a little me in him. I honestly don't think the child looks like me at all, we'll see in the next couple months if he has my eye and hair color, though. I have a feeling both will be brown.

Within the past week or so Grayson got to meet he Uncle Al, Aunt Michelle, Grandpa Chiulli, Aunt Holly, Aunt Rachael, and Aunt Heather - so it's been pretty busy around here!
Aunt Heather was pretty much a lifesaver and I'll get to that after I give you the Grayson updates

Likes: Still loves to be cuddled
Still LOVES his tummy and being on his playmat
Thanks to Aunt Heather - he NOW likes his swing!
Another Thanks to Aunt Heather -he'll take a Pacifier to calm himself down
Fuzzy blankets
Boppy -it's really good that Aunt Heather came to visit because I never would have used the Boppy the way she helped us use it...and she was only here one day!!
Being in the car
Being Rocked to sleep
Taking a bath - he really enjoys having the warm water being poured over him

The usual - having a wet diaper
Waiting more then .5 seconds for us to get him his food. He's very impatient
Gas - he has a lot of it. Mylicon has been my savior as of late
Sitting still while awake - I did this to myself. I swear this child will be crawling at like two months. I have video proof of his baby craziness.
Hiccups - OMG - I feel so bad for him. He tries to be o.k with it, but they'll last for half anhour..so he ends up freaking out. Gripe Water has been my other savior.

All in all, Gray's a pretty happy baby as long as he's fed, not wet, and fairly entertained.

My update
I had been feeling pretty great up until about Thursday of this past week. I started to get the chills and not feel so hot, but thought that I was just over reacting.
Friday comes and my dad, holly, and rachael leave - while Heather comes in.
I start to feel pretty gross at this point, really bad chills, headache, ect. I really thought I was just a little overtired, so I asked Heather to watch the little man while I tried to nap..which she obviously did with pleasure. I had taken some Aspirin earlier in the day, so once it kicked in I had felt much better, but by the end of the night I had the chills terribly again.
Finally, Dan made me take my temp and it was 102..OOPS.
I was of course kind of hysterical because I was convinced I got the baby sick somehow...
The next day we call the doc and told her my symptoms and she said I had Mastitis - an infection in my breasts. Lovely.
Thankfully, Heather was AMAZING and took care of Grayson all day Saturday (yes, dan could've done it, but she really wouldn't let him. ha!) I literally couldn't move by Saturday..I felt awful. I couldn't even hold Grayson because my chest hurt so bad. It was so sad.
By Sunday, the antibiotic I was prescribed had kicked in and my fever had gone down a lot....by Monday I had felt better..and Today I have NO PAIN in my chest. YAY!

On another note, this week I decided to take the plunge and go get my summer clothes. It actually wasn't that bad. Everything fits - albeit a little differently - but I like it! I have to go through one more bin of clothes and hopefully that will be it.
While I'm home, I've decided to organize our closets and clothes. Grayson sleeps for 2-3hr increments and this is usually when I'll clean, cook, and workout. I'm thinking the closet project will only take me to the end of this week so I'll have to figure out a next week project.

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