Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Bunny Weekend

The weekend most definitely went by WAYYY to quick! As it always does. Dan and I are in for the rest of the evening, gearing up for the baseball season to start (even if it is the Yankees/Red Sox) we’ll take what we can get.
Mom and Dad B came over for Easter dinner, and LUCKY MOM B – Gray-man was FINALLY kicking while she was here, so she was able to feel him sucker punch me. Gray’s play-time usually resides between the hours of 10pm and 5am. No joke. I’ve been on the couch twice this week with some sleep deprivation issues that he’s left me with. All for a good cause and gearing me up for what’s really in store when he does arrive.
Saturday, Dan and I colored eggs for our little guy, weird to think that he will be able to do this with us next year. AHHHH!!!!Funny though, we decorated an Egg for him (as you can see below) and NOW we don’t want to “ruin it” and eat it…. Not sure how we’re going to resolve this issue, I’ll keep you posted on the situation. :P
Another big move was made this week. On Friday, we secured a daycare center. We’re still looking into ONE other option in the next couple weeks, but to be safe we held a position at the close by Kids R Kids center. It was great to hear stellar reviews of this center by multiple neighbors, along with our own sense of it "feeling" right. One great advantage with this daycare, is the fact I can literally log on to my computer and watch him anytime I want during the day.

Since we've found out the we were having a boy, the shopping has NOT stopped. (I've been good this weekend and only bought a couple small items for his bedroom that need to be painted when his bedroom gets painted). I believe we decided to start spackling during the week, and then getting down to actual painting this Sat and Sun.

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