Saturday, October 20, 2012

37 weeks and Progress

Oh man. Has this week been TIRING.

It looks like I'm going to be having lots of false/pre-labor with this little girl.

It started Monday evening, which didn't surprise me since we had done so much travelling. It was only for about 2 hours but were pretty consistent at about 5-6 minutes apart.

Then came Wednesday evening and I had contractions ALL NIGHT LONG. From 11pm-5am. I was able to fall asleep for a couple hours before getting up for work, which thankfully wasn't as tiring as I thought it would be.

And then again last night...for a good 5 hours. 5-7 minutes apart. We'll see if this is how the next 3 weeks proceeds! I know very well that I could be stuck with contractions like this every night for quite awhile - at least it's getting my body prepared for actual labor:)

On another note: I was totally surprised thursday afternoon by the wonderful shower my co-workers threw me! They purchased Bridget a BEAUTIFUL baby bedding set from Pottery Barn Kids which included a Crib Skirt, Crib sheet and Quilt. I know most people think that baby bedding is a waste of money - I'm actually not one of those peopl. The only piece of the bedding I feel is a waste are the bumpers (which my co-workers knew not to buy!) We registered for a really nice bedding set from Pottery Barn for Grayson and although he didn't get to use his quilt right away....has slept with it ever since we allowed him to have a blanket. It's now on his toddler bed and totally adorable. If Dan and I were to invest our own money in a bedding set, we were going to go with Pottery Barn again because of the simple classic styles they offer - something our kids can grow with.

A quick pic of my guys:

And for the weekly Quiz:

  • How far along?  37 weeks

    • Total weight gain: still 20lbs according to the docs scale
    • Maternity clothes? Yep, I've been wearing tops. STILL haven't bought maternity pants yet....
    • Stretch marks? still none
    • Sleep:  Not very good this week.
    • Best moment this week: finding out that I had made some progress - made the contractions worth it.
    • Miss Anything? Regular clothes and bending over. Seriously.
    • Movement: Still have a lot of big movements
    • Food cravings: Meh. Not much, honestly.
    • Food aversions: nothing really
    • Gender: Girl:)
    • Labor Signs: Contractions, lost my mucous plug,  70% effaced, Fingertip dilated, Baby's head is engaged and my cervix is anterior!
    • Symptoms: My RLP is still pretty bad. I have a ton of pressure down low.
    • Belly Button in or out? Out.
    • Wedding rings on or off? On.
    • Looking forward to: Pumpkin picking and possibly HallZooWeen..although the weather is pretty poor.
    • Feelings- Starting to feel done. I'm getting to that uncomfortable stage in pregnancy where my belly is taking over everything. I finally packed my bag for the hospital yesterday, along with a bag for Grayson in case we need to drop him with the neighbors or parents. I also washed all the material that was on the swing, car seat, rock and play and put most of it together. We may bring the swing upstairs this weekend so that Grayson can get used to it. Luckily, his daycare is small so he knows that baby's aren't supposed to be touched while in the swing...

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