Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Baby News: Weeks 8-12

So where do we begin??

Dan and I found out we were pregnant with baby #2 Tuesday, February 28th, which put me at approx 3weeks, 4 days pregnant. While I thought it would feel like forever until we were able to officially announce the pregnancy, these first 10 weeks or so flew by. I guess having a toddler to chase around keeps your mind a little pre-occupied. Honestly, I would've been able to "hold off" telling longer, except I've been eyeing nursery stuff on Pinterest and really wanted to update the blog for baby book purposes. 

We are actually very relaxed and calm about welcoming another baby into our worlds. We aren't stressing about much - just hoping to have a healthy baby at the end of this 40 weeks. It is so nice to feel this way! I remember with Grayson it was a big question of "what will our lives be like, ect" That guessing game is over now and we totally understand that things always work out in the end. We take on a team philosophy in our household, and I feel like that works really well for us...neither of us ever got completely overwhelmed with Grayson, especially as a newborn, because we balanced and do balance responsibility equally. Allowing each to have his or her own time with Grayson, time away with friends, and also time with each other was really key. 

I haven't been doing my weekly updates on purpose because I was afraid I would jinx something, but I do have an overall update of the early on weeks and some pictures:

So far this first trimester has been a bit different then Grayson's:
  •  This pregnancy I've had a little more morning sickness between weeks 7-9, and feel relatively tired on and off throughout the week. Nothing terrible, though. I'm not sure if it's because I know what "tired" really means now...or maybe I'm really not that tired. Not sure.
  • I'm much smaller this time around - even though this is my second pregnancy, I am still in all my regular work clothes and weekend clothes. With Grayson, I had already gone up to my "fat pants" at this point.
  • I was never really bloated during these first 12 weeks, which is the most common annoying trait of 1st tri and was a huge reason I had to wear my larger size pants with G. 
  • No weight gain yet, my next appt is May 8th and I'll be 13.5 weeks, so we'll see if there's any change by then.
  • I'm working out roughly 40-45 minutes 3 days a week, and then 20 minutes on the 4th day since I workout during G's nap time. My workout consists of 20 mins of cardio and 20 minutes of weight lifting. I prefer free weights and usually go between the 5-10lb weights. My happy medium is a 8lb weight which the gym unfortunately doesn't have. 
  • Gut Feelings from both Dan and I- that we've got a girl in there. We'll see soon! 
I will start the weekly updates at the end of this week

For the time being, I've been taking pictures from weeks 8-12

8 Weeks

9 weeks 

10 Weeks

11 Weeks

12 Weeeks (ok, you can definitely see a bit of a change, here! )


  1. YAYYYYYY!!!! I'm so excited for yall =) Congratulations. You are so itty bitty and cute =)

  2. Wooooo! So fun, looking forward to the updates!

  3. I am SOOOO looking forward to weekly pregnancy updates!! Some one had to do them! :)