Friday, May 4, 2012

13 weeks -seeing a bump

Not much to update since Tuesday, but I'll start the weekly quizzes now! I've added "Workout Routine" to the survey since there are times I've wanted to look back and see what I was able to do "at this point in pregnancy" 

I totally see a bump. Thankyouverymuch

How far along: 13 Weeks

How big is baby: baby is the size of a peach - you can totally see a little peach in my bellly:) 

Total weight gain: 1-2lbs (I'll get the official weight gain on tuesday. It looks like I fluctuate a 1lb or 2)

Sleep: Good 

Best moment of the week: I think I'm starting to "feel" stuff. I'm not 100% sure, but I SWEAR I feel little pops here and there. A few weeks time will tell.

Food cravings: Powerade. I have the healthiest cravings when pregnant. With Grayson is was water and ice, now when I get thirsty, I really want a Powerade or Gatorade. Random.

Food aversions: Coffee. BLANK STARES. Yep. I am able to drink iced coffee, though. There is just something about regular coffee that makes me want to puke. 

Symptoms: The migraines have started - hopefully they won't last very long.  

Gender: Right now I'm thinking girl, but we'll see how I feel in a couple weeks. We have an appointment at the end of May to {hopefully} find out the gender early (around 16 weeks). 

What I'm looking foward to: Meeting with the new midwife on Tuesday, getting to hear a heartbeat. Getting the house organized these next couple of weeks. We've already cleaned out most of the office so we're really just working on getting rid of the odds and ends around the house. We had done a MAJOR cleanout last year and it was really refreshing. We knew we'd have to do one more cleanout before everything was done. 

What I miss: Not much right now. Although we ARE going to a BBQ tonight and I really would like a glass of wine. I'll probably bring some grape juice. 

Next appointment: Tuesday!

Workout Routine: 3 days - 20 minutes of cardio, 20 minutes of weight lifting. 1 day of 20 minute workout while G naps. Free Weights used: 5-10lbs weights. If using the weight machines, 25-40lbs depending on the machine used.

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