Saturday, April 21, 2012

Grandma is coming to town

So I usually don't post on Saturdays UNLESS I'm getting my oil changed. I have my coffee and my laptop and SILENCE. For those of you with a toddler, you totally get how this is a nice peaceful atmosphere.

Anyway, I have a couple updates:

1. Grandma is coming to town! My mom is visiting us next weekend and we are in full blown "getting the house ready" Yes mom, we'll clean for you:) It's actually giving us the perfect excuse to finally start cleaning out the guest room. We are going to be housing my SIL, BIL and Nephew next month and want the office cleaned out nicely by then so that Felix has his own space! I mean, he'd have his own space now, but we really need the excuse to get it cleaned!

2. Hand, Foot and Mouth. Grayson and Dan got it. I did not. In the realm of "sucky sicknesses" this was probably the suckies. LIKE, I almost would've rather him be at the hospital for croup. Not that I wanted him to have all the breathing issues, but there is nothing that they can actually give a toddler for Hand, Foot and Mouth and Grayson was NOT a happy camper. Basically if he was awake, he was screaming/moaning/whining in pain. We had a very difficult last weekend. Thankfully he's back to his normal happy self. (Dan ended up getting sick Tuesday and Wednesday with the same thing!)

3. This is kind of random but I thought it was worth mentioning - Grayson goes up and down the stairs with such ease that we rarely use the gate anymore. I think Dan's mom was a little shocked, but to be quite honest, Grayson wants to do what the big people we let him. He just holds on to the railing and goes down the stairs. No sitting on his butt or belly, even though we tried to get him to do that a couple months ago. For the first couple of weeks we were always behind him or watching, we'll go downstairs and he'll just follow us. We usually keep the gate locked when we're downstairs anyway just so he's contained.

4. Dan is leaving for CO on Monday and will come back Friday, just in time to pick my mom up at the airport. They are both flying into Cincinnati only a couple hours apart - works out perfect! I totally wish we could've gone with Dan...I've always wanted to go to CO. Maybe next time.

5. Weight update for G - when I brought G to the doc for Hand, Foot and Mouth he had already gained 1/2 a pound! Granted, he most likely lost it since he didn't eat for almost 3 straight days...but he is totally back on board now that he's feeling better and doing really well. We are sooo happy that we found a solution to get him to sit and eat! My goal for him is that he gains about 2lbs by his 2 year check-up.

6. Grayson attended his first fire pit cookout. We've had to cancel plans a lot lately because of all the sickness going around and got to FINALLY catch up with John and Laura. We weren't sure how G would do with the pit, but are always willing to give things a chance. He actually did really great - we reminded him that it was HOT...I think having Scout there really helped take the focus off the fire for G.
We have another play date tonight with G's friend Dylan - they will be making homemade pizza's! So fun.

Nom Nom Nom

Playing with Scout - we were dying because Grayson would take one end of the stick and play "tug-of-war" and Scout would totally win and get G frustrated. 

Happy Weekend-ing!


  1. First of all....your poor guys! Hand foot and mouth sucks so much :( I hope they are feeling better.

    And second of all, if you get the chance to go to CO with Dan again, GO! It is a simply amazing place and we love it so much (I've actually been missing it terribly lately!) what part is he going to?

    1. Hey Jess - he's going to Denver - so jealous! He wanted to go to a baseball game but the rockies aren't in town:( The stadium is supposed to be beautiful!

  2. It is Incredibly beautiful, as is Denver...if he wants to go 30 min to Boulder, I know all the yummy places to eat! And there is a great place in Denver called Tag :)