Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Weekend and Randoms

So I think it's safe to say we are all FINALLY over our sickness(s). Unfortunately, I was the last to feel better...and that didn't happen until almost Monday morning. 

Enough about that, though. 

This weekend we spent a good amount of time outdoors. 
Saturday we headed to the park for an hour or so, and then on to the church egg hunt. Grayson totally didn't "get" the whole egg hunt thing, but did end up grabbing a couple eggs to put in his basket. He is most definitely a well trained athlete - he kept throwing the eggs because he thought they were "balls". LOL! We were dying. 

Easter Sunday was very relaxing. We went to church, came home and played with Easter toys (play-doh, bubbles, baseball and mitt) and then took a trip to Grandma and Pepere's for dinner.....we headed home around 3:30 to let G nap for a couple hours and read/relax ourselves. 

Now for a little bit of Random: 

Dan and I made a WONDERFUL discovery last week. We decided that even though it's a "questionable" practice, it's totally worth it to get our kid to eat. 

See image below - the only way Grayson will eat a meal. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, this child will finally eat if we put the freaking IPAD on the table with an episode of Elmo. He has eaten EVERY meal we have served him since starting this practice.

Everyone asks us if Grayson is a picky eater:  Grayson actually eats really healthy food!  It's getting him to focus on eating in the first place that is the difficulty/challenge. He does NOT want to sit still to eat. 

I'm not kidding you, if this is all we use the iPad for, it was well worth the $

Grayson has also decided that baseball hats are super cool and must be worn at all times. Like, he won't go to daycare without bringing his "haattt".  I'm pretty sure there isn't anything cuter then a toddler wearing a baseball hat. Just sayin'


Hope everyone had a great Easter! 

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  1. We pretty much spent the first two years of Sam's life trying to get him to eat and gain weight, so I totally get doing what it takes. Sesame Street helped us out many times! Glad you found something that works. That little G man is so so cute :)