Friday, March 23, 2012


I will eventually do a post on our trip to CT from this past weekend but not today :)

Since the weather has been AMAZING, we've been spending most of our time outdoors. It hit 90 on Wednesday....soooo hot! There were literally 100 kids at the playground that morning. Totally worth taking the trip. Not so good the temper tantrum he had upon leaving. 

And this is where we get to the title of the post: Time-Outs. We are seriously starting to enforce time-outs in our household these days. We've had instances in the past when we've used it, but not enforced it on a regular basis..mostly because he was never consistently "fresh". And not it's time. 

The moment it became clear that we needed to start being consistent with our disciplining was wednesday of this week - I was BEYOND embarrassed when  I took G to the grocery store. He decided that he was totally done being there....and proceeded to scream, kick, and tantrum the rest of the trip. To the point that I had other people unload my groceries on to the conveyor, pack them up for me, AND push my cart to my car... ALL so that I could deal with holding onto my child while he thrashed. Not pleased. 

Right now we're starting with timeouts. I am absolutely against spanking. (I don't judge if you do, I just personally cannot and will not do it.) I'm not sure he really "gets" the whole timeout thing since I usually just hold him in place and count to 30..but it's a start? 

I'm hoping that we can have successful discipline through timeouts, setting boundaries, and being consistent. 

 First bandaid of the summer!

Happy Weekend!

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  1. Oh man, disciplining sucks. We don't spank Delia either and some people told me that she was too young to get the time out thing. But after about a month of being consistent, it's really rare that there's a need to put in there. Consistency really is key! As for the store - we've learned to start bringing things we know will occupy her. So, we bring her little animals and a snack. It seems to work...toddlers get impatient and want to get down and walk, so I try to understand that when she starts getting crazy and speed up. But, it's super embarassing when they get out of control.