Wednesday, March 7, 2012


We've been keeping pretty busy lately. Lots of playing outdoors! The weather has stayed over 50 degrees  for the past two weeks or so (and hit 70 today!) I've tried to take pictures as we go. 
  • This past weekend we met up with Dylan to go to the Children's Museum. We stayed for two full hours before leaving...which definitely meant a tired Grayson. Thankfully, he took a nice long nap so that Mom could bake some tasty birthday cupcakes for his friend Zach who came over for dinner and more playing that evening! 
  • We are very excited that Zach is going to get a little brother in June - lots to look forward to this summer! 
  • Dan switched his workout schedule to the mornings. Wow, it is very weird for both of us to be present after dinner time. Since Grayson was a baby, I would get home from work, eat, and then Dan would go workout while I played with G and then put him to bed. It's really nice to have more family time during the week and I get nights (like tonight) where Dan will do the bedtime routine. Our kitchen gets cleaned right away now, too! Sooo nice.
  • Thanks to Laura, I now have a go-to store for all my educational needs. The United Arts and Education store is nothing but AH-MAZING for all things educational. I stopped by very quickly last week and picked up Sidewalk Chalk, Crayon markers for windows, Pom Balls..and I'm looking at a bunch of other materials I'd like to pick up. 
  • Grayson peed in the potty for the first time. We aren't actively potty training him yet - he's not ready yet. But he'll tell us when he poops in his diaper, so that's a start. Ideally, I'd love for him to be ready this summer since I've heard it's easier to train in the warm weather. 
  • Walks around the block with his Pepere - holding his hand and acting PERFECTLY. We.were.dying. SO cute. 
That's it for now:


Go faster, Pepere!!

Hope everyone has a great week and weekend! 

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