Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving quickie

Thanksgiving weekend was in a word: Awesome. 

We are so so so Thankful to have such wonderful family and friends in our lives to share the holidays with. 

We thoroughly enjoyed a quiet Thanksgiving with Dan's parents, Uncle Al and Aunt Meesh. Grayson made sure to give his special open mouthed kisses to Aunt Meesh to show just how much he loves her. MELT. I know for sure that G recognizes his Aunt and Uncle and am continually thankful they get to see him so much. Although 700 miles apart, G definitely has a special bond with those two. This is absolutely one of those times I wish we were closer to family since I KNOW we'd be over each others' house all the time.


Black Friday was super laid back. We didn't go out shopping - just hung out and went out to dinner that night. 


Saturday (Friendsgiving) we went to the mall to get G's picture taken with Santa Clause. He did really well! Wasn't scared at all! He kept looking at Santa like "who are you?!" but didn't cry or whine. Afterwards, walking through the mall was a different story.....
Dan and I brought G home to see if he would nap (which he didn't) and ended up having Uncle Al and Aunt Meesh babysit while we got the house ready, cooked (baked) for Friendsgiving. 

Friendsgiving is our main event - the one big holiday Dan and I host - and it definitely went well. It's so wonderful to kick off the holiday season with our closest friends and family. We had a BLAST watching the kidlets play together. Dan and I stayed up past 1:00am watching Home Alone with the last couple....and I couldn't help but just sit there snuggled next to some good friends, my blanket, my kid upstairs sleeping... and smile. This is, most definitely, the good life.


We said our good byes to Uncle Al and Aunt Meesh last night and this morning woke up to the sounds of Christmas music playing..AHEM. Bring on the Christmas Tree! 

So far, there has only been one ornament casualty......

Our weekend in pictures:

This is what happens when Uncle Al babysits!!

I love this pic:)

G and Z!

Decorating the tree

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