Sunday, November 6, 2011

A little side rant

Say cheese! Umm..................Arrgh Me Matey?

Dear time kid is like off.the.walls. because of you. Look at picture above. Since WHEN does my child smile like that? Is he a pirate??

In reality. this kid is happy. like really happy. i hope that he is always this full of energy, life, and curiosity. i hope he yearns for adventure all the time. and never looks back. 

As you get ahold of this "parenting" realize what "type" of parent you are. We are most definitely NOT helicopter parents to the joy of all my teacher friends:) 
Honestly, we are more laid back about most things then I ever thought I'd be. 

We let Grayson sit in a carriage without a cover {the horror! germs.germs.germs!!!) Wait until your kid falls down at the playground, gets up, looks at their dirt ridden hands and LICKS IT. That my friend, is why no carriage cover will ever save us, or you from germs. Unless you never bring your kid to a playground. Then your O.K. 

We let him, and have been letting him, go down the big slide at the playground {while ANOTHER parent tried to hold his hand} kids' got this. And if he falls, it's going to be O.K. 

We let G climb on pretty much anything {"he's going to fall" - lady at the kids center in Toyota} really? because he does this all day long. He's fine. I'm right here. And yes, I do know my child's capabilities. 

We let Grayson do these things because he's 15 months old. If he's going to do it in front of us, he's going to do it NOT in front of us. We might as well see what he's capable of and figure out where we can use that energy to his benefit (hello! playground) 

Every parent has different comfort levels...and being a pretty fearless person myself (I taught myself how to do gymnastics in my backyard) both Dan and I are very open to him trying things out and being a little reckless. Maybe he's going to be an awesome Mountain Climber one day. Maybe Not. But he's a kid. He's having FUN, and we want to let him run around and get hurt/sick. Wait. Did I say that? Apparently getting hurt/sick is not something some parents are accepting is a possibility. 

I'm pretty sure we're not the only parents you "parent" this way, either. There ARE more of us out there...right??

This isn't to say we don't try to protect him from obvious sicknesses and dangerous situations, but we're not going to keep him in a bubble either.

Ok - that's my rant for today. Each of these instances has a story we won't go into...some actually funny...some just annoying.

And one last picture

Bathtime is when you take pictures of cute babies bathe.

We had an AWESOME weekend - good friends, good food, some down time...and got a bunch of errands done. Looking forward to the busy week:)


  1. We are the same way. Delia goes down the slide all by herself while I know most parents standing by are giving me the side eye. She does a lot of things that make my parents and inlaws cringe and we're always like "she's fineeeee." No cover on the highchair? Us, too. We do sanitize the seat 90% of the time, though...but that's usually because they're grimey with leftover food and stuff. They're going to get sick and they're going to fall down. Such is life :)

  2. Agreed. With everything! That picture is so darn cute by the way :)