Monday, December 20, 2010

Super Gray-Man

Santa came a little early for Grayson...Christmas in CT means that presents get opened early!
How seriously cute is that super hero cape?

Below, G opening presents from Grandma and Pepere.

Some updates:

Update 1: Grayson has not slept through the night once since Thanksgiving. Silly boy. I'm definitely not complaining, though. Waking up twice a night to eat (most of the time that's all the issue is) isn't bad at all. We also think he's got some sort of virus running through him...his eating is all out of wackand he's had BLOWOUT diapers - I actually took scissors to one the other day because I didn't even want to attempt to get the onesie over his head.

Oh and he refuses to eat rice cereal or banannas now. REFUSES.

Update 2: FIRSTS (a couple of these)

~We have a sitting baby. LOVE IT. It was so sudden, like he was a little baby, and now he isn't anymore. I actually almost started to tear up. I know your sitting there thinking I'm completely ridiculous for "crying" when my baby starts to sit. But it's oddly a big thing. It feels like he's not a "baby" anymore. One step closer to being.... toddlerish?? I constantly look back at pictures of when he was just born and miss it. He's my Big Boy. I heart him.

~He went to his first birthday party this weekend for Emerson who turned 1. G even got a little gift bag!
~He got to participate in the Annual Christmas Cookie Bake
Every year my girlfriends and I get together and bake cookies, while the boys play video games/watch football/basically deem themselves useless. Always a great time. I would post pictures if I had remembered to bring the camera...OOPS
~He got his first grab of beer....what?? No, really. The kid was completely obsessed with Dan's beer yesterday. Like MESMERIZED by the can. He legit wanted some. Kids already an Alchy.

Update 3: DAN POST???
Yea. Dan is gonna write a post. Within the next two weeks. I giggle at the thought.

Update 4: CT
We leave Thursday.

Not sure I'm going to post before Christmas....MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE. I'm sure to have tons of pics when I get back!

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