Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hungry Hippo

So - this was Dan and I trying to take a family pic. Hilarious! I Heart the look on Gray's face.

After Gray's 4month appt, the pediatrician told us he was ready to start on solids if we wanted. Gray has been eating over 35oz of formula a day, which really meant he was ready for something more.

Dan and I decided we wanted to start him with rice cereal so we could make it as thin as needed, the first four days was LITERALLY soup. As you can see in the pics below, it was a little messy, but we just wanted him to get used to taking food off a spoon.

As each day went by we kept thickening the cereal to the consistency of say..mashed bananas!

As soon as we felt the consistency of the cereal was about that of a mashed Banana, it was introduced..and he LOVED it! Unfortunately, he came down with the stomach bug (along with his parents) and we haven't fed him anything other than formula in a couple days.

We're hoping he feels better again this week so that we can get him eating those solids again!

Yummy Cereal..

Ha. You can see how soupy it is!

Look, he doesn't need a blankie underneath his feet anymore! Such a big boy. Oh, and Dad got the Mets hat on him - a little big, but SOOO cute!

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