Sunday, September 19, 2010

Our first night without the baby....
Dan officiated his boss's wedding last night while Grayson stayed home and played with Grandma and Pepere. They played so much that Grayson slept from 9pm-5am! (he actually slept from 9-5 both nights this weekend....I think one more night of that, and we can officially say he's sleeping through the night!)

ok- here I am with the "me" picture- I took a lot of time to get ready for this wedding and I'm not sure when I'm ever gonna have makeup on again. It's gotta be documented :P

Here were some super fabulous girls I danced with!

And of course a picture of the little man for you!

It's Sunday and Sportscenter has already been on for over an hour. Dan wouldn't let me cuddle with Grayson this morning saying it was "boys day" and that he got to have the morning cuddle. I get my cuddle tomorrow morning:)

Happy Football watching!

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