Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fancy Shmancy

Gettin' me a fancy shmancy camera...... =>IF I can stomach the price tag.

Tomorrow, I will be on the hunt for a camera. I'm sure I'll get overly frustrated and annoyed and request a trial period, where If I don't think I look pretty enough, or my baby doesn't look cute enough in photos - the camera gets returned.
That's allowed. No?

Wish me luck....or better yet, wish the guy at Best Buy luck since he'll be dealing with me.

P.S - apparently this is what happens when you have a baby. You get upset when you can't have a perfect close-up of....your baby's eyeball. You laugh, but this isn't a joke. I'm actually upset that I can't have a perfect close-up of my Grayson's eyes, eyelashes, fingertips (yes, I said fingertips)

Now I know why they say kids drain your bank account. It's because you become CRAZY and spend all your money on things like a new camera because you feel like you "might" miss out on really good photo moments.

I am clearly a Hallmark Fail.

BOO. BOO on me. BOO on being ridiculous.

*But at least I'll have cute pictures*

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