Sunday, September 12, 2010

O.H.I.O..and other things

This was Saturday night at John and Laura's..some chili, some football, and great friends. Love it! Here are the boys with the babes.

Before we left for John and Laura's we played a little with Grayson and got him smiling on camera again..Too bad we can't take a picture with him sitting up and looking at the camera! He likes to look at "other" things. hehe

These pictures below are from when we went to the park Friday after Dan got out of work.
It was another beautiful breezy day.
(*note how Grayson is NOT looking at the camera..:)

Can't believe it's Sunday. I go back to work Tuesday and Wednesday this week. WISH ME LUCK! I'm sure there will be lots of tears involved. Oh yea, and this is the week that Dan has to work nights. JOY.

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