Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bye Bye Momma

Um, what?

We had Annalee babysit for a couple hours last Wednesday afternoon so we could run some Home Improvement errands that we really didn't want to have to run with the G. (you know, because he's sooo patient and all:)

As I'm walking out the door to the garage, bracing for my child to run after me (which he ALWAYS does)..what does he do?

He runs up to the door really fast. AND STARTS SLAMMING THE DOOR SHUT BEHIND ME and I hear behind closed doors "BYE BYE" 

I kind of stood there shocked....while Dan laughed. 

Um. Grayson doesn't do that. 
The mornings I drop him off at daycare: Distract G, THEN walk out the door..or else he is running after me.
When I've dropped him off at the parents house: Distract G or he is running, screaming at the door for me.

Annalee comes over - "BYE BYE MOMMA" 

While I am so so happy that my little baby has a sitter who he clearly adores, I'm a definitely a little sad that he says "bye" so willingly. 

I guess that it's all part of growing up. 

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  1. Delia does this with me when Grandma picks her up every morning. I was sad the first few times but now I'm just happy that she loves spending time with Trey's mom. It's weird though, right?