Monday, January 30, 2012

18 Months and some Updates

18 Months! 

Stats - Height - 33in(75%)
             Weight- 23.3lbs (23%)

We're still a little low on the weight scale, but it looks like we've just got a skinny kid on our hands. Grayson was never a really chubby baby - only once has he made it over the 50% for weight. 

He's gotten much better eating but would probably consume his daily caloric intake in liquid form if we let him. I have a couple smoothie recipes I'm going to try out since he's so good at sucking down anything that's in his sippy cup. 

What he's up to:
  • Mimicks us wayyy more. 
  • He points out his body parts, puts together puzzles, answers to most commands
  • He sits down. finally. I thought the day would never come. He's still not great in restaurants or when he's tied down in a carriage, but if he's at home, we can sit on the floor and play some without him running off and trying to get into something he's not supposed to. 
  • He's starting to put his shoes on himself. This is because he has some weird shoe fetish. 
  • Doctor has put him on Zyrtec for allergies. Not the least bit surprised by this. Grayson almost always has crap in his chest and has a "weezing" sort of breathing. We are trying top prevent going to an inhaler since Grayson has really loved the breathing treatments he's been given {insert sarcasm}
  • Started giving us a hard time at night. We've introduced a lovey for him to sleep with. It's actually the lovey I bought for him while I was in Paris! He seems to really love it - We include "Elly" (Dumbo) in his bedtime routine and when he finally goes to bed we tell him "show Elly how to sleep". When he wakes up we repeat the bedtime process and lay Elly down and try to get G to lay down with him, pat him on the back, ect. We've been  doing this instead of bringing him into bed with us since that seems to be the kiss of death. It's so hard not to bring him in and cuddle with him. Unfortunately, he's not really there to cuddle, but to play. Darn toddler. 
  • He LOVES trains
  • He LOVES tools
  • He LOVES sticking goldfish in his ears. So annoying. 
  • He LOVES going outside. The poor lady at daycare must hate taking him outbecause he screams when he has to come inside!
I think that's it

A couple overall updates: 
  • We are getting ready for G's THIRD trip to Gatlinburg in a couple weeks! In a way, it's good that he hasn't gained that much weight...less for Dan to carry around hiking up the mountain. Ha! 
  • I've got 7 books crossed off my list this month! 
  • Grayson is going have a regular babysitter other then Dan's parents! Annalee came over this past weekend to watch G for the first time while Dan and I headed over to John and Laura's for Lar's 30th bday party. It was perfect timing since J+L only live about 7 minutes away from us. We didn't know how G would act considering he's used to having his grandparents babysit him but he did WONDERFULLY! I am soooo thrilled! We really wanted to get Grayson on good terms with babysitters other then his G-parents - especially someone who can possibly come over for a couple hours on the days I have off work in the summer while I run errands! 

P.S when do they stop eating their toes..I mean really...18 months?!!


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