Wednesday, May 26, 2010

30 Weeks...are we there yet??

30 weeks...with some poufy hair?? Yea, not sure what's up with that..

Lots to do this weekend! Dan is heading back to CT for his brother's bachelor party, while I remain here in Ohio to hang out with some lovely ladies for Laura's Bachelorette party! It's a weekend getaway at Hocking excited! The weather is supposed to be beautiful - hopefully I'll have some fun pictures to post when I get back!

Here's for the Weekly Quiz!
How far along: 30 Weeks
Weight Gain: Was very wrong about my weight gain..I actually lost 2 LBs! The doc said it was probably because my appointment was later on in the day last time and I had already eaten stuff. He said I was doing well with a total 14lb weight gain - and that I deserve a milkshake! LOL. I'm pretty sure with the amount of food I will be buying for the Bachelorette party - I'll gain 2 lbs and then some this weekend alone!
Maternity Clothes: Still the same...Maternity shirts a must, about three of my pre-preg pants fit.
Stretch Marks: None Yet!
Movement: Lots of ROLLING. And yes, my back pain is still there. BOO.
Food Cravings:Orange Popsicle. Not sure if that's a pregnancy craving or an "it's 90 degrees out and even if I wasn't pregnant I'd want it.."
What I miss: hmmm. well, sleep. and to be able to walk at a normal pace again.
What I'm looking forward to: THE WEEKEND
Gender: BOY
Belly Button: OUT
Emotions: Excitement and Impatience!

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