Monday, February 4, 2013

2 months

Yikes! I'm a tad behind on this monthly post..

2 Month Stats
Weight: 11.4
Length: 23in

At 11 weeks old, Bree is still a dream baby. She honestly hardly fusses and is generally very content. She has been giving us TONS of smiles lately - I could eat her up!

About 3 weeks ago, Dan and I dragged the pack and play into our bedroom to transition Bree before actually putting her in her bedroom (she was currently sleeping in the rock and play) She has done SO well with the transition, giving us pretty consistent long stretches of sleep at night. Knock on wood it continues!

I think we're going to give it a couple more weeks before we get her in the crib. The biggest reason we haven't moved her already is that her room is ALLL the way down the hall...and I'm too lazy to get her at night if she gets up.  

About my little Bree:

  • Likes bathtime
  • Smiles at her brother all the time. So cute!
  • Incredibly content
  • Likes her momma a little bit more then her pops
  • Wears 3-6 months clothes
  • LOVES headbands :)
  • Has started to grab items
  • At 10 weeks, we stuck her in the jumperoo and she did very well. She had been sitting in the bumbo with great head control for a couple weeks.
  • Does pretty well with tummy time. We use the bumbo in front of the mirror which helps to keep her occupied for a couple minutes.
  • In size 1 diapers
  • Already made her 1st trip back to CT to meet her cousin Nathan at 8 weeks old
  • Only has 1 BM a day or so.
  • Has started drooling like crazy around 10 weeks. We'll see if she cuts a tooth quicker then her brother (G cut his first two teeth at 5 months)
How is Grayson doing?

We have made a huge effort to make sure Grayson gets a ton of attention. For Christmas this year, we asked the Grandparents for Museum passes. It has been the best gift for our family - we've already been 3 times since!! It's an easy trip downtown and the only cost to us is food. We're looking forward to when the weather warms up since we've purchased Zoo passes, too. Grayson LOVES the musuem and the zoo, so it's nice that we can provide him with educational entertainment.

Grayson  has really taken to being a good big brother. He likes to help me give Bridget baths, throws away her diapers (yey!) and likes to give her hugs and kisses. We've noticed that he's become very possesive of her. Every morning when I drop off at daycare, Grayson makes sure to announce "THIS IS MY BRIDGET" and blocks the other kids from trying to touch her! We are very proud of his behavior and hope he continues to be a loving brother!


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  1. She is a beautiful baby! Love the picture with the pink flower headband!