Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Newborn Pictures

I'm trying to get a quick post in to show off some of our Newborn Photos.

We decided to go a different route with these pictures - a much more natural style..as oppposed to the super posed ones with props/flash we had with Grayson. Although I LOVE the pictures that we had taken of Grayson, as he got older, I was really hoping to have pictures that were more natural. I also wanted a photographer our family could grow with..and the posed thing was totally not working with an overactive toddler.

We finally found an amazing photographer/graphic artist who only shoots using natural light. She had done a post of a family of five here: http://samanthameister.com/blog/hikingwiththesevensmiths/ and I immediately fell in love with her style (if you have a couple minutes, check out the link..the family is absolutley adorable!) I feel like she was able to capture Grayson's personality so perfectly which made my heart smile.

I'm actually more excited to see her photograph our family as the kids get a bit older...and we already have our next session scheduled for the summer.

Here are a couple of my favorites: