Sunday, November 4, 2012

39 weeks

39 weeks and I'm really done with being pregnant. I have 5 days until my due date and I'm starting to get sad that the day is going to come and go...and we'll be waiting here for our little girl.

I had a pretty good 39 week check-up Friday. I'm 2-3cm dilated, 80% effaced, and the baby is WAY low. My midwife had a hard time checking me because she was so low. It was the first time I've ever bled from a cervical check (I'm assuming it was from the cervical check...)

Because my cervix is favorable, if an induction is needed, this particular midwife said she had no issues with breaking my water to induce labor as opposed to starting me on any pitocin. She DID mention that she couldn't speak for all of the midwives in the practice, but that Bridget was so low, there are no worries of a prolapsed cord or even taking very long once my water was broke. 

Obviously this is just talk right now. We won't be entertaining that idea until 41 weeks at this point. I'm starting to get frustrated because I obviously want her to come on her own...but at the same time we have family coming in for delivering her at 41 weeks is giving us a couple days on our own as a family, and that's barring no issues after delivery. (we hope she's super healthy!)

I'm totally being whiny right now and I have no reason to. I feel awful for even writing this all out. I've had a really wonderful pregnancy this time around, but had a mini breakdown today (my first at 39 weeks, 2 Days!) and it's so trivial. I'm trying to mentally prepare myself for going 41 weeks. But it's really REALLY hard.

Ok. Enough whining.

The obligitory Dan and Grayson picture!

  • How far along?  39 weeks
    • Total weight gain:  Still hanging out at 21lbs
    • Maternity clothes? Yep, I've been wearing tops. STILL haven't bought maternity pants yet....I have a pair of pre-preg skinny jeans that fit and leggings have been my BFF.
    • Stretch marks? still none
    • Sleep: MEH.
    • Best moment this week: Hearing that I had made some progress
    • Miss Anything? Regular clothes!!!!! And a DRINK. I really need one.
    • Movement: a lot of pressure down low. Her movement has slowed down a bit it seems
    • Food cravings: I'm seriously dying for a drink. SO so bad.
    • Food aversions: nothing really
    • Gender: Girl:)
    • Labor Signs: I had contractions for 5 hours friday afternoon and 5 hours Saturday afternoon. Some were painful enough for me to breath through and got me thinking I needed to call the midwife. We were very lucky to have friends come over and cook us dinner which helped me take my mind of the contractions...and they ended up going away. This is way different then when I was pregnant with Grayson. I had contractions for maybe an hour or so a couple nights before he was born, but that was it. I've been dealing with HOURS of contractions with this little girl for the past couple of weeks. Each time they start up I get a little excited only to be shot down. I really hope that my water breaks like it did with Grayson, because I feel like I'm not going to know if I'm truly in labor at this point!
    • Symptoms: See above.
    • Belly Button in or out? Out.
    • Wedding rings on or off? On.
    • Looking forward to: Um. Birthing this baby girl!
    • Feelings- my oh so cool attitude has worn off and I'm starting to get that "pregnant girl" emotional. Luckily for Dan, I made it to 39 weeks before it happened. So hopefully he doesn't have to deal with it for very long:)

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    1. Ugh, those last days of pregnancy are so awful!!! Hang in there. She'll be here soon!!