Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Weekend

Another one bites the dust
p.s - video of rach playing the piano, and G walking with his "walker" at the end

Once again, this weekend was pretty exciting. Exciting in the wake up at 2:00am Saturday morning to take your son's temp and it's 106. Luckily, that doesn't surprise me anymore. No panic attacks this time.

From our last bout with high fever, we know that this is G's way of fighting off infection (oh, hello double ear infection. It's nice to meet you.) 
A phone call to the pediatrician, a quick visit to the office, and we were armed with a stronger antibiotic, and are currently well on our way to recovery. 

That being said - SaturDAY, was not so fun. Fred emerged (G's alter ego) and he was pretty cranky, miserable, and just hard to deal with. If your a parent, I'm sure all your sweet children have their own alter ego out there. Thankfully, Fred doesn't emerge too much. 

Even though G was a little lotta crank, Dan's parents insisted we still take our date night. We were supposed to do date night and hang with friends afterwards, but, with the way Fred had emerged, we didn't want to scare off the grandparents forever. We like them!

Going out for just a couple hours Saturday night was truly a breath of fresh air. Ever other time we've had someone sit, we've gone to a group event, party, ect. We've only really had 2 dates nights where it was JUST Dan and I! After yesterday, we are certainly going to take advantage of the grandparents a little more often!

Today, G was...G again! 

Of course we had to go see the Easter Bunny - and shop for some much needed summer clothes. G has a brand new wardrobe that is absolutely adorable. He is getting his 9 Month (OMG) pictures taken this week,  and I had NOTHING to put him in. With Grandma's help, we were able to get him a SUPER cute outfit that will be perfect for his pictures:)

Below are some pictures from our weekend.

No, I did NOT let him eat the whole cookie. Are you crazy?

"Momma, I would like another nibble. NOW"

"Walking's my favorite"

The Easter Pic. He's too happy. I love it.

I completely meant to post a video of when my sister came to visit and played the piano with G. It's a short, quick video, but it makes me smile. 

Please keep in mind that the piano has not been tuned in years...and it's not so easy to play with an 8 month old on your lap!

Below is video of G walking with his little "walker toy". He's getting pretty good at it! (this was taken last week - so he's much better now)

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